What Policies Do I need For My Residential Children’s Home?

There are several policies needed in your residential children’s home ranging from safeguarding children to mobile phone and social media policies. Currently, there are over one hundred policies in our residential children’s home package, which gives you an idea of the number of policies you will need to maintain. Pointers to remember are that policies should always reflect your company’s commitment to transparency and keeping people safe.

When we were checking through several Ofsted inspection reports, the main comment about policies when mentioned was that they were out of date. It is essential to keep your policies up to date and ensure they include the latest legislation and practice guidance.

Top Ten Children’s Home Policies

What follows are the top ten policies that you must have in your residential children’s home, and that should always be up to date with the latest legislation and guidance.


COVID-19 Policies

At the time of writing, all residential children’s homes need to have COVID-19 policies and procedures in place. The policies should reflect the organisation’s commitment to following the latest guidance and keeping children and visitors safe. COVID-19 policies and contingency plans are available in our shop.

Children's Homes Policies and Procedures