Others will agree that being a social care provider necessitates many sacrifices. But at the same time, it gives lots of professional satisfaction to the providers.

The Social Care business has had continuous development and a very diversified range of domains.

As a social care provider, you deal with a vulnerable segment of the population. Therefore, not only do you need to be emphatic, but you must also open your heart towards the beneficiary of your service.

Being a social care provider makes you sooner or later the best friend of any person in need.

Lately, we hear more and more that our world should be saved by all that seems to be bad on this planet. Maybe you wonder if this is at all possible. Perhaps you wonder how it can be done. Many scientists make studies and come up with lots of theories, arguments and counterarguments.

Well… one day, somewhere in the far future, science will succeed to find a solution. But until then, we can try to do something about it. And what is this “something” that can bring the expected good into this world?

Maybe this “something” has many aspects… known and unknown. But one of them has a central point called the social care provider.

Yes, you can save the world working with categories of people in need; bringing them comfort, giving them back a little piece of happiness, making them dream again about a better world. It means to make a change.

Being humanly, you help in building a better humanity. If this happens, undoubtedly life in our world becomes better.

Now, you must know that social care implies volunteering also. It is a beautiful world, the one in which volunteers live. Deciding to become a social care provider, you will not only change others’ lives but yours also. The fulfillment which a volunteer feels, can’t be compared with anything else.

Social care is one of the oldest human activities. It started long ago, much longer than society declaring it an official occupation. It is, and it has always been an activity that targets the human being.

A person who is in need has a considerable amount of suffering. He has, in fact, greater internal pain than the physical one.

The social care activity was always targeting the development of a society in which accepted and protected people find themselves in unpleasant situations.

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Be good to yourself

Maggie Danesfahani