A children’s home is not just a place for children and young people to stay. It is a place where given the right inspiration young people can begin to heal the wounds of the past and build foundations for a better tomorrow.

As a children’s home provider or manager, what you do today, impacts young people's tomorrow. Consistent, inspired and aspirational leaders are needed. Yes, there is the paperwork and the demands of regulation, but that is not where change happens, they are if you like necessary evils.

Change happens by building relationships, foundations, consistency, motivation to do better, be better and to give the message in the care and support you offer, that things can get better.

If you are thinking about your start-up, right from the offset, you are going to have to be motivated. The set-up process can be draining and is time-consuming, so thinking about having motivational goals is going to be essential when it comes to working toward achieving your aims.

Before you start, an essential motivational tool is to ask yourself why?

It is in knowing your ‘why’ that you find your motivation.

Do you genuinely want to support young people to achieve their dreams and aspirations, or is it the thought of a business that sustains your future?

It is in knowing why that is key to your success.

Give yourself time to discover your why.

What does any of this have to do with business? Everything!

Only when you can define your unique “why” will you be able to build a business that you genuinely love, and are passionate about.

That’s why so many heart-centred entrepreneurs feel like a failure at a job — they simply aren’t passionate about it, and it doesn’t feed their “why.”

Only your own business has that power, and it’s up to you to discover your unique meaning in life, so you can build a business, that allows you to achieve your goals.

Spend time thinking about your why, write it down and get it clearly established from the outset.

What has this got to do with starting up a children’s home? 

Essentially, a children’s home is a business and there are steps you can take from the outset that are going to make your business a success.

We can support with the tools to get you started, but the motivation and intent will come from you. There are common denominators entrepreneurs like you employ in their business, and one of those is motivation.

Motivation drives momentum and comes from your why!

Take Action

1. Determine your why 

Why do you want to set up a home or service?

Why do you want to succeed?

What is your unique ‘why’?

Write down your 'why' and return to this when you need the motivation to keep going.

2. Set yourself up for success by having motivational goals 

How will you keep yourself motivated?

What is your motivation for achieving success in your business?

Use your why to keep you motivated when the going gets tough.

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