There are many reasons why you need to conquer administrative chaos.

Often the reason why you need to conquer administrative chaos becomes apparent from an adverse or inadequate Inspection outcome.  When starting out on an interim troubleshooting assignment, getting rid of old or duplicate paperwork is often one of the first things we will do with the team. In some cases, especially where there have been many management or regulatory changes, we have found as many as six different systems in use at any one time.

Often when there are issues we rush to put in new systems. The mistake we often make is not clearing out the old ones and getting rid of past versions.

In one Children’s Home, we were called in to support out of an Inadequate Inspection, the Managers office resembled a paper mountain, floor to ceiling high. It took no less than six skips to purge the home of its debris. (Not including archiving)

Administrative organisation is crucial. Without it, all else will just be like a candle in the wind.

I remember various attendees looking at me in horror at a looked after child review when I passed out the review updates on very obviously out of date paperwork. The mistake made me seem ill prepared, and I imagine cast doubt amongst my colleagues on anything I said at the review being 100% correct.

When you have a system crossover such as newly revised regulations, new Manager or organisational change, it is easy to end up with administrative chaos. One-half of the team might be using the old system because the new one is not finished or totally familiar yet and this makes for inevitable chaos.

Here’s how to fix it today.

  • Delegate someone to ensure the team are using the most recent updated regulations, paperwork and systems.
  • Ensure they check out all the bottom drawers for tell-tale signs of the ‘just in case hoarder’.
  • Archive out of date Regulations, standards, plans, forms and templates and anything else that is duplicated or old.
  • Ensure there is only ever one accepted ‘system’ and that everyone is using it.
  • Remove any out of date bits that are hanging around noticeboards like the ten-year-old statement of purpose. Someone will either use it, refer to it or apply it when they should be moving on and replacing with new ones.

Why you need to conquer administrative chaos?


You will be amazed how good it feels to start bringing order out of chaos but more importantly getting this right will increase your efficiency, prevent mishaps and make it easier for you to establish whether you have everything you need.  Everything you need to run an efficient and effective service.

Do it today!

Just thinking you have everything or that everyone is doing what they are supposed to might yield some unpleasant surprises.


Be good to yourself

Maggie Danesfahani

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