Working with Fathers in child and family assessment – research briefing

Cascade have issued a research briefing on working with Fathers which includes key messages for developing policy and practice. Also included are 3 case studies on the work to date and this information may help staff understand the complexities of dealing with Fathers in assessment.

Key takeaways

  • Intensive work may be needed on relationship building to maintain fathers’ participation in parenting programmes
  • Analysis of cohort study data found that fathers’ extreme frustration with looking after toddlers is a risk factor for depression in these children when they are teenagers.
  • Interventions need to be developed for fathers who experience extreme frustration with child care.
  • Most services for fathers are universal rather than targeted.
  • A qualitative study of one parenting programme for fathers of at-risk children found that because they are non-traditional clients of family services, engaging men who are having problems with parenting can be very challenging.

Additional links to information are included in the brief research report which can be downloaded by clicking the button below.



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